Tauranga Stamp Club



Wesley Centre, 100 Thirteenth Avenue, Tauranga on the 2nd Monday (except January) at 10:00 am and 4th Monday (except December) at 7:30 pm monthly.
Doors open early for those who wish to purchase from circuit books and sales table.
Visitors always welcome.
Items of Interest: members are welcome to bring any interesting items to meetings.

Calendar of events 2022

Jul 25 – Tauranga evening meeting
Aug 8 – Tauranga day meeting
Aug 22 – Tauranga evening meeting
Sep 12 – Tauranga day meeting
Sep 26 – Tauranga evening meeting
Oct 10 – Tauranga day meeting
Oct 24 – Tauranga evening meeting
Nov 14 – Tauranga day meeting
Nov 28 – Tauranga evening meeting
Dec 12 – Tauranga day meeting

Club activities and services


A small reference library of up-to-date catalogues and books are available for use at meetings and to members on loan (max 14 days).

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