Health and Wellness

NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)

If you want to have more self-awareness, have less fear, be more confident and less judgmental then this course is for you.

Bereaved by Suicide

A grief education programme for adults 

Gut Health Workshop to Improve Your Wellbeing

The journey to improved wellbeing starts with good gut health

Back to Basics Herbal Medicine

Hands on Practical Course

Arthritis Self-Management Workshop

Emotional Well-being, Communication & Goals

Reiki Courses

Suitable for all ages.

Falls Prevention Class

Steady as you go (SAYGO) programme

First Aid Training

Know It Before You Need It

Breakthrough to Success Workshop

A Holistic Approach to Your Wealth & Wellbeing

Insights into Emotional Intelligence Course – Life Skills

An Introduction to NLP Concepts, LIfe Skills, Managing your emotions.

Depression & Anxiety Workshop

Coping Skills and Strategies

Get Cultured

Naturally Fermented drinks that are genuinely GOOD FOR YOU.

Mindful Living

Mind body calm and clarity

St Johns First Aid Courses

You never know when you’ll need it…

LOL Laughter Wellness

Laughter is the best medicine for the soul !

Stella Yoga Yin Yoga Workshops

Tune in and turn on the body talk

Yoga Sessions for Seniors

Programme for all levels of fitness

Beginners Reflexology Course


Meditation Open Group

Meditation group meetings every Monday night

Falun Dafa