The Garden Project

I am Sally Lyttle and I am the founder of The Garden Project. I have lived and breathed gardening and the natural world my whole life! I have studied traditional horticulture, organics, permaculture and garden design. I live with my family in Oropi.  We love living a simple life on our 2 acres of land. We have massive food and medicine and flower gardens, orchards, a natural swimming pond and a menagerie of animals  that sustain us, keep us strong and show us meaningful connection to this land and our health.

It has changed our life being here and having space and the freedom to create all that we dream of. To share this with others through The Garden Project- our products, workshops, garden coaching and design consultations really does make us happy and feel fulfilled.

We would love for you and yours to come and join us in Oropi, Tauranga for our Gardening Club workshops.
We can talk Soil and how to build and protect it, simple natural Weed and Pest and Disease management, abundant fertility, Glasshouses.. and we will have time to brainstorm your questions.

I look forward to sharing ideas about organic fruit and vegetable gardening, bio-intensive gardening methods, mulching, composting, growing great soils, green manure crops, integrated pest and disease management, shelter belts and hedgerows, natural homemade fertilizers and fertility. As well as ideas around garden layout, design and starting and maintaining home orchards.

We really love what we do and feel good about making a living sharing our craft and expertise- The Garden Projects

Contact Sally:
Phone: 027 867 4196

Please get in touch if you have group of at least 5 people and want a day out learning in a garden.
I am also happy to come to you too!

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