Bureta Garden Circle

Tauranga South Garden Club

Introductory Course to Urban Beekeeping

Ikebana Tauranga Group

New members welcome

Understanding Soils

Get your soils into a healthy, sustainable cycle !

Bugs ! Pests & Beneficials

Insects & Propagation

Forest Garden Design Workshop

Make the permaculture difference

You’re Always Learning in the Garden

says Sarah O’Neill

Tauranga Worm Workshop

Composting with Worms is a Win-Win for Everyone

Understanding Horticulture

Kick start with a Free hands on workshop

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Grow mushrooms on logs and stumps

Greerton Garden Club

Gardening Chat, Talks and Visits

Tauranga Fuchsia Group

Fuchsia people are happy people !

Worm Composting Workshops

Composting kit included.

Flower Reading Workshop

Learn what flowers can tell you about yourself and others…

Katikati Community Centre

Edible Weeds Workshops

Forage for Superfoods

Shadow Beekeeping

Follow us on our beehive inspections

Bee Interest Group