Tauranga Herb Society

The Tauranga Herbal Society meets monthly.
Date : second Thursday of the month.
Time: 7pm -9pm
Place: Wesley Church, 100 13th Ave, Tauranga

LIBRARY meetings are also held on the 2nd DAY of every month except January (9:30am – 11:30am).  The Herbal Library takes place at Herbal Health Clinic, 75 Keenan Road, Tauranga.

Programme for 2022 -2023

AUGUST. 18th Thursday 7pm   Herbs for lung health  Presented by Medical Herbalists Lyndel Crisp and Helen Loe. 

SEPTEMBER.  9th Friday 10am   Propagation of herb roots  Presented by Nicole Bührs and Helen Loe. Te Puna Quarry Park.

OCTOBER.  13th Thursday 7pm  Robert McGowan will talk about his herbal teachers – some of our NZ historical herbalists.

NOVEMBER.  11th Thursday 8:30am Field trip Hamilton gardens and private garden Tirau.

DECEMBER.  9th Friday 4.00pm  Christmas buffet potluck – Making herb vinegars including Four Thieves  Herb Garden – Te Puna Quarry Park 

2023   JANUARY. Date TBA   Wild weed walk   Gamman Mill Rd, Oropi

FEBRUARY. Date TBA  Flower Essences making Workshop  Facilitator Muriel Christonai.   Te Puna Quarry Park.

MARCH. 11th Saturday   Visit Freelove Farm Permaculture Garden   Waihi Beach.

APRIL. 13th Thursday 7.00pm Dance with the dandelions

MAY. 11th Thursday 7.00pm  AGM & making Herbal Ointments (sleeping balm, travelers balm and sports balm)

JUNE. 8th Thursday 7.00pm  Historical NZ Herbalists  Presented by Helen Loe, Robin Grierson, and Nicole Bührs.

Tauranga Herbal Society

President: Helen Loe   Phone: 029 206 6525
Communications Officer: Nicole Bührs
Email: tgaherbsoc@gmail.com

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