Sustainable Living Workshops

For a Healthy You & a Healthy Environment

DIY Cleaners and Tawashi

From your kitchen pantry, create your own cleaners and take away your own vim, tawashi, and glass cleaner. Discover how to make your own hand pump soap, dishwasher, and laundry powder.

Super Healthy Sauerkraut & Other Ferments

Gain confidence to create your own ferments that are great for keeping your microbiome alive and well. It’s easy, cheap, healthy and so very delicious.

Trash to Treasure

Looking at waste management with a creative eye. A fun way to upcycle. Be inspired to create your own items of beauty or usefulness from what you’d normally throw in the bin.

Growing Greenz (A to Z for beginners)

This workshop is a quick overview of gardening for the beginner and not-so-beginner, followed by a tour of Mike and Jizzy’s edible backyard. Topics include seed sowing, making your own seed raising mix, successful compost making, and more.

Workshops with Jizzy

  1. Living Sustainably (hints and tips to save money, your health and the environment)
  2.  Growing GreeNZ -how to set up and grow your own Backyard Supermarket
  3.  Trash to Flash -how to turn trash into useful items and gifts (and other inspiring waste management ideas)
  4.  MYO (make your own) Pamper and Skin Care Products (saving you money, your health and the environment!)
  5. For these workshops and more detailsContact: Jizzy Green

    Address: Park Road Katikati


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