First Aid Homeopathy Course for Mother & Baby

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Homeopath, Noeline Levinson, runs 6 week courses .
The course deals with teething, rashes, colds, flu, fevers, colic, digestive upsets, bumps, scrapes and much more.
The course also includes a 12 remedy kit and a book by Miranda Castro.

You bring baby along to the classes and meet other mums who are on the same journey.

Noeline has been using homeopathic remedies for the past 26 years and brought up both her children on them. She specializes in the treatment of babies and children.
She wants to teach mothers how to use homeopathy for their children and offers courses in homeopathy first aid for mother and baby.

For details and to register for upcoming courses, contact:

Tutor: Noeline Levinson
Phone: 021 052 8980

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