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Kati Ludwig

Our sense of self-worth and our self-esteem are rising and falling depending on our latest success or failure. In our highly competitive society we learn to be constantly above average to feel good about ourselves, but there is always someone better than we are.

Courses are offered go inward to find and explore our sense of self-compassion through mindfulness, meditation exercises and body awareness.

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

You are your own guru.
Be inspired by your own story.

Your answers lie within you, you only need the tools to access them.

Kati’s mission is to help people to hold space for themselves and to achieve steadfast inner peace. She approaches the biology and the hardened industry of clinical dis-ease with a maternal, soulful presence.

Reiki Energy Healing

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” – Eric Leventhal

Everything is energy and energy is everything, for many the question is how to apply it to our lives?

The simplest way to begin to understand any active energy healing is through Reiki. The word Reiki means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign”. It comes from the Japanese words “Rei” {universal} and “Ki” {life energy}. Many who come to Kati for Reiki have a sense of feeling out of balance or sync, scattered or generally overwhelmed.

Kati works with the energy fields around the body to help the flow of energy and to remove energy blocks that are happening in the body. In treatment Kati uses a variety of modalities to help bring the energy back into flow which can include balancing the chakras, the use of singing bowls, her beautiful healing electromagnetic hands and fingertips and always the essential oils.

And that something can even mean just to have a nap and reset and recharge.

Tutor : Kati Ludwig – Founder Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre
Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Registered Psychologist, Energy Healer & Yoga Teacher

Phone: 021 2544 294

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Join Kati at the Mind Your Karma Retreat and Self Development Centre for a variety of workshops, classes, and retreats.

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