Sound & Reiki Energy Healing Journey

Kia ora everyone,

Feel warmly invited to join us for a SOUND & REIKI ENERGY HEALING JOURNEY  @Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre (390 Oceanbeach Road, Mount Maunganui).

Fly with us into the space of STILLNESS where surrendering, transformation and healing take place.

We are bringing together the power of LIVE MUSIC/SOUND HEALING, AROMATHERAPY & REIKI ENERGY HEALING for a deeply relaxing, meditative healing experience.

During the lying music meditation I will apply relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered ENERGY HEALING THERAPY to clear, balance, restore and support the human energy system and to stimulate the self-healing processes. A range of essential oils will be included to support the healing journey.

Alice will be guiding in with her soulful sounds in music and SOUND HEALING utilizing sound frequencies with the intention of bringing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual body into alignment. Instruments such as the didgeridoo, flutes, heartbeat drum, hungdrum, Tibetan singing bowl, and vocal mantras will be played throughout the room and at times over the body.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

Venue: Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre

Kati Ludwig

Phone: 021 2544 294



Contact Kati re future workshops.

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