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Mind body calm and clarity


Morning of Mindfulness $60

Open into meditation for calm, clarity and Join Tash at our peaceful studio space at 3 Newton St Mt Maunganui

These half-day mini retreats provide participants with the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness together in a relaxed and supportive group setting free from distractions. Guided by a very experienced teacher, we’ll make space for joy, insight, laughter and relaxation.

Each morning of mindfulness includes:

  • Teaching and instruction on mindfulness meditation
  • How to integrate mindfulness into our ordinary daily activities
  • Guided meditations
  • Gentle mindful movements
  • Group learning through sharing, questions and discussion

Suitable for anyone. All welcome. 

Register to natasha@mindfulliving.co.nz

Mindful Mums 

2-hour workshops $40

Relaxed, friendly and helpful – this workshop is perfect for mums to fit into their busy lives including guided meditation practice and gentle mindful movements.

Practical instructions and guidance on increasing our calm, clarity and focus. Meditation to relax and be present.

Places are limited.

Email here to book your place on a Mindful Mums workshop.

Professional supervision and training

Professional mentoring under the guidance of a trusted and experienced mindfulness teacher is recognised as essential to the integrity of sound mindfulness teaching.

A close mentoring relationship is part of the tradition of mindfulness and promoted in the guidelines for mindfulness teachers through the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.  Both Tash and Grant provide mentoring sessions, in person or by skype, for those bringing mindfulness into their work with others across a range of professional settings. Please contact us to discuss further.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing – taught by Tash

6-weeks, 12-hours of comprehensive training and practice

This popular course is full for term four. If you are interested in signing up for a future course email us to book now!

How can we slow down and be present in the midst of our everyday working and parenting lives, which are so often busy and demanding?

This very popular course provides participants with a solid foundation in what mindfulness is, with practical instruction on how to integrate it into our daily lives. There is plenty of time in each class to receive instruction, ask questions, and practice meditation as part of a group in a straight-forward way.

This in-depth course is suitable for everyone, including practitioners in health and education settings, parents, people experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, people with pain or illness, and those who are interested in their wellbeing and would like to learn how to calm the mind and body, and live more fully in the present moment.

Course includes hand-outs of weekly topics, web-links to guided practices, email follow-ups with links to further information on key themes, and recommended reading list.

The About Mindfulness page gives more information on our mindfulness training.

Meditation Retreats 

Meditation retreats are an opportunity to deepen our embodied, experiential knowing of living mindfully. We offer short retreats in the Bay of Plenty and longer retreats throughout New Zealand by request.

2017 retreat schedule coming soon!

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Te Puna
Day & Time: Mondays  5.30pm- 7.00pm
Cost: $95 for the 10 week term.
Start Date: Monday 1st August.
Venue: Te Puna School

Mount Maunganui
Day & Time: Tuesdays  3.00pm- 4.30pm
Cost: $95 for the 10 week term.
Start Date: Not available this term.
Venue: St Andrews Church Dee St Mount Maunganui

Tauranga Central Post Beginners Level 2
Day & Time: Monday Evening
(time will be fixed on Tuesday 12th)
Cost: $120 for the 10 week term.
Start Date:  Not available this term
Venue: (will be fixed on Tuesday 12th)

Tauranga Central Post Beginners Level 1
Day & Time: Tuesdays  5.30pm- 7.00pm
Cost: $95 for the 10 week term.
Start Date:  Not available this term.
Venue: Wesley Church 13th Avenue
PLEASE NOTE: This level class is also for “false beginners”.

Mindfulness is a practice for increasing wellbeing, decreasing distress, and training the mind.

Mindfulness is the practice of giving our full open-hearted attentiveness to what is immediately occurring; physically and mentally, both within and around us.

We use the term mindfulness to refer to the mental attention that is required to be fully aware of our lives. In this this sense, mindfulness is not the goal, but the basis from which we engage with life.

The growing research evidence shows that practising mindfulness can lead to positive life changes by developing:

  • Present moment awareness; enabling us to respond appropriately rather than react habitually
  • Focus and concentration; helping to stabilise a distracted or overly-busy mind
  • Mind-body calm and clarity; for increasing wellbeing and decreasing distress
  • Emotional resilience; for understanding and overcoming difficulties including stress, anxiety and depression

Contact: Natasha

Phone: 576 7724
Mobile:  021 1079 577
Email: natasha@mindfulliving.co.nz
Website:  http://www.mindfulliving.co.nz
acebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mindful-Living/151058265059489?fref=ts