African Drumming

Beginners Welcome. | Drums Provided

First session free but you need to register so there are enough drums.

Freshly back from their tour of New Zealand, come and share some of the gems gathered from Nathan’s time studying with the Griots (traditional holders of musical knowledge) in Africa.

This course will also feature some special segments from guest teacher William Dinwoodie, a local player with a lifetime of learning, and over a year spent in Africa learning with the masters.

You will start with the very basics, and over the 6 weeks, build to playing as a full African percussion ensemble in a fun, social, supportive environment.  Drums are supplied.

Benefits of hand drumming include
Reducing stress and boosting the immune system
Producing deeper self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves
Drumming helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma
Helps us to connect with self and others
Helps us connect to the natural rhythms all around us
Grounds us in the present moment
Helps us to reach a state of self-realization
Helps us to have fun!

Contact Nathan via e-mail at to inquire.

Nathan Bregmen has been playing drums for over 20 years, and has been studying African drumming for around 10 years.

Captured by the ability of African drumming to build community and bring people together playing music in a short space of time, the African Drum has quickly become Nathans instrument of choice.
His light hearted but attentive teaching style has quickly made him a favourite with many students around the country.