The Dance Factory: Samba de Gafieira Classes

These weekly classes will help you master the foundation moves that make up this fun dance. The classes are complimented by a teacher to help you and a community of students at various stages of their own learning. We also hold small social events offering an opportunity to apply what you learn in the classes.

Samba de Gafieira (also called Gafieira)is a dance expression of the Brazilian samba rhythm also found in many contemporary, R&B and popular music.It appeared in the 1940s and it gets its name from the Gafieira – popular urban nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro at that time. The steps are done on a short-short-long (quick-quick-slow) tempo.  Dancers enjoy Gafieira because of its vitality and room for creativity.

Where:  Arataki Community Centre

The Dance Factory
Phone: 0204 165 3565


The Dance Factory also has classes for Contemporary Zouk


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