Bethlehem Pottery Club

Members meet formally on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and informally on Wednesdays and Fridays; if the “open flag” is out, come on in, pick up a brochure and ask about becoming a member. If you are a novice, we can help.

Clubroom & Gallery: 13 Bethlehem Road Tauranga. Turn left at the roundabout at Bethlehem, heading south to Tauranga. Just before the entrance to Countdown Supermarket.  Parking at the Supermarket or on the road outside the clubrooms.

Contact Lynda for more information.

Phone: 021 803 704




6 electric wheels
1 electric test kiln
1 3 cu/ft. electric kiln
1 7.5 cu/ft. electric kiln
1 9 cu/ft. gas kiln
We also have access to raku kilns/pit fire/large wood kilns