Birdcalling ID Training

Come listen to bird songs !

… With Paul Cuming

Have you been out walking in the bush and heard a bird song but had no idea which bird made it? Did it ruffle your feathers, even just a little or spark an interest into knowing which bird it was?

Well, come along to our training session with the super knowledgeable bird expert Paul Cuming from Western Bay Wildlife Trust and smooth out those feathers as you hone your birdcalling ID skills.

New Zealand birds are notoriously hard to see in the bush and even on open ground. This is why listening to birdsong is an important part of any bird study.

The session aims to cover the most commonly observed birds in the Bay of Plenty, but will also answer your tricky questions. The outcomes of the course will mean that you’ll be more familiar with the birds and their calls surrounding the habitats that you work and play in.

The training is “free as a bird

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