Boomerang Bags – Sewing Bee

Tackle plastic pollution at the grassroots level

Boomerang Bags is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level. Dedicated volunteers get together to make re-usable bags using recycled materials, as a way of providing a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

These strong reusable bags can be picked up at places like Red Square in town and used in place of plastic ones to do your shopping.

Even if you are no good with a sewing machine, volunteers are needed to help with cutting materials, pinning, ironing and stamping.

All ages welcome, no experience required!

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Boomerang Bags Share Boxes

Boomerang Bags Tauranga now have a wonderful group of volunteers in Papamoa enabling them to sustain a new share box in Papamoa. The lovely people at Plum Organics at Fashion Island are looking after the box for them and ensuring its out on the street each day for people to access.

Another box has also been set up in Greerton and is located outside Waipuna Hospice Store. This also will be looked after by an amazing group of Boomerang Bags Volunteers.

So they now have 3 locations in Tauranga – Mount Maunganui (outside RipCurl Store), Papamoa (Plum Organics, Fashion Island) and Greerton (Waipuna Hospice Store)

Keep up the great work!!


Why Boomerang Bags ?
Most people are aware of the environmental damage caused by plastic bags. Eco green bags have started to pop up everywhere.  However, there is one major set back to ‘eco’ bags – People simply forget to bring them to the shops.
Boomerang Bags offers a cool solution:-

Simple cloth bags (made from recycled donated materials) are stitched together by a group of volunteers. The bags are then made available to anyone, out the front of co-operating shops. The idea being, if you forget to bring your own bag, grab a boomerang bag instead.

Boomerang Bags are free to use. Once you have emptied your shopping at home, you can return the bag to the stand (or any Boomerang Bag stand) at your convenience.
Local businesses can get involved by offering to have a bag stand out the front of their shop. People in the local community are encouraged to donate unwanted fabric. Bed linen through to table cloths, rice sacks and even tea-towels can be fashioned into a bag.