Catching Up with Technology

with Tauranga SeniorNet

If you ever feel that technology speeds past you, and you are left in a head-spin, Tauranga Senior Net Club can help.

Their term 2 timetable of classes includes most of the common technological advances that are used in everyday life.

“Technology races along and some fall by the wayside,” says Tauranga Senior Net Club president Diane Jones.  Diane says these classes are a good way for people to get up to speed on today’s technology.  “We’re always trying to look forwards and we try to pick up on the technology that we think will be of some use to people.”

This term, the Tauranga Senior Net Club will be teaching participants how to navigate Android tablets and smartphones, iPads including apps such as Mail and Safari, levels one and two picture editing, internet banking sites and more.

They will also be running introduction courses for people anting to learn the basics of iPhones and Microsoft Windows computers.

“In addition to these, we do run other courses as we prepare them.  One is Westac banking, another will be on smart TVs sometime this term,” says Diane.
“We try to select the ones that will be of most use to people.”

Courses are run at the Tauranga Senior Net clubrooms in the Historic Village.  Register at the clubrooms.