Helping Non-Profits Grow


We facilitate a range of workshops for the non-profit sector including sessions on fundraising, sponsorship, marketing, governance, management and volunteer related issues. You can participate in one of our public sessions or we can facilitate a workshop specifically for your team.

To find out when public workshops are being hosted in your town or city, check out our workshop calendar or click on the drop-down menu for topics you are particularly interested in. Each year we try to visit a number of towns and cities outside of the main centres, so if there is a workshop you would like to see in your region, please let us know.

Check out this video for a glimpse of what you can expect.

“I have been to lots of courses and seminars in my time as a teacher, but none, and I underline NONE, have been as relevant, as well presented, and as exciting as today. Thank you to your team, and especially Kerri, for her thorough preparedness. Absolutely fabulous!”
Jo David, Community Budget Service, Kerikeri


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