Honest Liars Improv Comedy Group

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Do you Enjoy Laughing? 

  • Are you interested in developing some improvisation/comedy skills?
  • Do you Like to Think on Your Feet?
  • Do you want More Confidence?
  • Do you want to laugh and make new friends?

If you answered YES to any of the above then come and join in the fun.

We run day-long workshops designed to introduce you to Improvisation Comedy. There are rules and skills to it!  No prior acting or improv experience is required.

  • Monthly shows
  • Regular Workshops

A Good Laugh is a Mighty Good Thing!

We are an improvisational theatre troupe who believes that laughter is essential to a happy life, a fantastic workplace and strong abdominal muscles.

Within a framework of time-tested games, we use our quick wit and camaraderie to develop scenes that leave you (and us) laughing. Our wicked repartee is unrehearsed – that’s the essence of improv – so every performance is original and hot off the press.

Fresh, straight-up entertainment through improv suits every audience size and works a treat for employee team-building.

Ask us about a fundraiser, staff training, executive coaching or party gig. We won’t tell you any lies. Honest!

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