Katikati Theatre Group at the Junction

Live Theatre

No experience required-we would love to ‘show you the ropes!’

Katikati Theatre’s members work together to present live theatre in Katikati.
The group now has a home in the Junction Theatre at the Arts Junction where we generally perform two productions per year.

Our productions have not only featured established playwrights, but also locally written historical dramas which tell the story of notable Katikati people like Dave Gallaher the rugby player, and Dr Joe Burstein, the town’s doctor for many years.

Membership is open to all, with student membership from age 16.

Our members enjoy acting, directing, or writing but there are those who prefer to work behind the scenes assisting with lighting, set design, costume, stage management or Front of House.

Auditions are also advertised in ‘Katikati Advertiser’ as well as online.

NB: Production photo taken by Jo Bryant – 2018 production of ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Debbie Metzler.  Goldilocks played by Kirsty Warden and Steve Raymond as the Wolf.

The Katikati Theatre Group’s “home” is the Junction Theatre at the Arts Junction, Main Road, Katikati.

We keep in touch  through
Newsletter: ‘Curtain Call’,
Website : www.katikatitheatre.nz

Contact: Julie Thomas
Phone: 549 0985