Kidz Need Dadz Tauranga

Strengthening Father/Child Relationships through Support, Education & Fun !

We believe Dads:

  • are important role models for their children

  • help a child find their place in the world

  • teach children how to work with others

  • listen differently

  • provide a different point of view on life

  • help a child appreciate their environment, their culture and their relationships

  • help children develop confidence

What We Offer

  •  Support groups

  • A refuge

  • Father’s Safe Haven

  • Education

  • Camaraderie

  • Events for dadz and kidz (and mum too – family matters most)

  • Discounts for supporters

  • Supervised Contact – KidzKare

  • Assistance with documentation

  • Financial WOF with Qualified

  • Financial Advisor

  • Assistance and information around litigation and Family Court

  • Life coaching and mentoring by qualified and experienced people

Supporting Dads supports the family and builds strong communities

Kids need Dads who are loving, caring and supportive. We’re here to strengthen father-child relationships through providing a range of support services, education and fun! Fathers change their child’s world by educating, supporting, informing and enjoying time with them.

Would you like to speak to someone in confidence ?

Kidz Need Dadz have a counsellor available by appointment.

Payment by donation.

Phone: 571 0379

Address: 538 Fraser Street, Tauranga