Migrant Connect

If you’re new to New Zealand or just need some support getting settled then we’re here to help. Our friendly volunteers are specially trained to provide an independent, confidential and free service, and have lots of experience helping migrants:

  • Contact your local CAB for information about services available in your area, or just to talk about something you’re not sure about.
  • Visit one of the 30 Migrant Connect sites which provide a specially focused service for new migrants. This service is funded by Immigration New Zealand, who also provide settlement information by phone (0800 776 948) and via the New Zealand Now website.
  • Come to some of the free information sessions covering topics of interest to people new to New Zealand. To find out what sessions are being held in your area visit the New Zealand Now events page to view the full list of scheduled sessions.
  • Check out the information about your rights on our website including information about, immigrationemploymenttenancy and lots more .

Tauranga Citizens Advice Bureau

38 Hamilton Street, Tauranga

Phone: 07 578 1592
Email: tauranga@cab.org.nz

Website: www.cab.org.nz