Sizzling Encaustic Hot Wax Workshops

Beginners and Advanced

Encaustic is an ancient painting medium which predates oil painting.

Used by both the Greeks and Egyptians originally as a sealant in ship building and then more decoratively in the portraiture on sarcophagi.  With that in mind Encaustic works have an endless versatility.

The medium is made up of natural Beeswax, Damar Tree Resin and pigments which are heated together.

Encaustic Hot Wax for Beginners
Learn the intricate art of Encaustic Wax Painting with bees wax in its natural state, along with imported colour-rich pigments. Hang out and discover the joys of colour with others also new to the medium whilst bathing in the delicious scent of beeswax.   The aim is to teach the basic of ENCAUSTIC Wax painting in a very relaxed environment that will cover all core techniques which introduces the safety and equipment of Encaustic Hot Wax, as well as:

1) Layering
2) Fusing
3) Blending
4) Collage and marking making
5) Embedding
Each student will complete and leave with at least 3 works for a perfect keepsake after a fun and interesting day.

Advanced Encaustic Hot Wax – Breaking the Rules
This ADVANCE Workshop on Encaustic Hot Wax is only for students who have completed the beginners workshops or have basic knowledge of the Encaustic Medium. The workshop will take you to new and wonderful places with techniques showing you what can be added to Encaustic; while we BREAK ALL THE RULES doing so!!
We will be looking at: Shellac, Plastering, Mica Powders, Indian Ink, Alcohol inks plus many more ideas.
Each student will complete at least 3 works to take home as a perfect keepsake after an interesting and fun day. You can bring along your own materials, oil paints, alcohol inks, very small metal objects eg. electricity wires, mesh.

My studio in Maungatapu as we will be using firing equipment for some of the materials in the process to obtain the finished art work.

All materials are supplied but everyone is welcome to bring along their own too. Morning and Afternoon teas is provided for.

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Contact:  Sue MacDougall (tutor)

Phone:  021 239 4549