Speaking With Confidence.

say what you have to say

Course outline:

Oral communication is such an important part of our everyday life, and often a lack of confidence in this area can have huge life consequences. With a maximum of 10 participants, this program is designed to meet the needs of all levels of presenters and speakers.

During this 6-week program you will learn to:

  • Organise and present your ideas logically
  • Deliver with conviction
  • Develop your confidence to speak in any situation with ease
  • Use strategies to make the process easier
  • Prepare and deliver speeches for numerous different occasions
  • Polish your speaking craft
  • Critique your own presentations
  • Improve your speaking each time

The Outcome

  • Each person completing this program will have more confidence, a raft of speech making strategies, ways of dealing with fear, and  the opportunity to practice in a guided and supportive environment.
  • This programme content can be customised to suit your needs. Each session is 2 hours duration.

Steffi is a coach and facilitator.  She also facilitates very successful  Resilience bootcamps. 
For details on future sessions….

Contact: Steffi August
Email: steffi@steffiaugust.com
Phone: 021 258 4180


Tutor:  Steffi August

Steffi is a shining example of how anyone can learn to overcome life-changing challenges by turning them into powerful opportunities. Now, more than ever, she is determined to help others learn the strategies she has developed over many years. This has become her overarching opportunity.  

​Known as the ‘pocket rocket’, Steffi stands just 157cm but is a powerhouse of inspiration and determination. What’s surprising is that her bubbly, positive, can-do attitude has continued and is even more infectious than ever before in spite of such huge setbacks in her life.

​She is THE CHALLENGE COACH working with corporates helping them to speak up with confidence and sharing strategies how to transform daily challenges into opportunities. Another passion of her is making a difference in our Justice System working with “naughty” guys for the Department of Corrections. “It was the highlight of our week and allowed us to forget where we were for a short time. Thanks again for all the AROHA and MAANAKI you bring.”

She is an Award- Winning Speaker, Coach, Author and Secretary of the PSANZ.

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