The Art Lounge: Talks, Workshops & Exhibitions

Mira Corbova is the gallery curator,  and artist mentor and  abstract artist in her own right.

Art tells a story and colour is the emotion. Art expresses individuality, creativity and feelings, and it benefits wellbeing. It’s all about connection, as with everything in life.

Our aim is to inspire and encourage everyone through creativity and to provide a unique, high quality art shopping experience in the Bay of Plenty region. We connect with the community by offering workshops, exhibitions and events that inspire, encourage, educate and entertain, while recognising excellence in the visual arts. We envision a gallery accessible to all art lovers and art collectors as a vibrant visual space to enjoy and be inspired through creativity.

Where:  117 Willow Street,  Downtown Tauranga
Phone:  0 21 2025061 – Mira.


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