The Incredible Years Free Parenting Course

14 week parenting programme for parents of children aged 3-6

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is designed to develop positive family relationships, empower parents to make change and manage difficult behaviour.

The course is full of practical step-by-step suggestions help in handling everyday situations parents face.

Why do a parenting course?

  • Parenting is the most important job adults do.

  • Many of us are not trained or prepared for the task.

  • Challenging behaviour causes stress in families.

  • Improve family functioning.

  • Learn new skills to manage challenging behaviour.

  • Encouragement and support.

  • Confident parents make a difference in families.

  • Learning parenting skills in a supportive group is effective and fun.

When: Wednesday 9.30 am-12.15 pm

Where: St Peters House, 130 Spring Street, Tauranga

Cost: FREE but please book your spot.

For more information or to register
Phone: (07)571-5916   


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