Ulemj Glamuzina

Japanese Inspired Art & Craft

Ulemj is an international artist born in Mongolia, will guide the most inexperienced to achieve amazing results. She will help you find your creative vibe.

Ulemj spent her youth growing up in a socialist Mongolia, while attending a Russian kindergarten and primary school, travelled to the UK by herself and went on to do further university studies in Japan. Living and studying in seven different countries in all, exposed her to an eclectic mix of culture and she needed to learn to be flexible and accepting. She has always been fascinated with different languages and cultures, immersing herself in new environments to form connections with others. This led her to do her post graduate studies and pursue career in education and interpreting.

Creating art is an effective way of communication for her. To do this, she brings to the surface her memories and emotions, evoked by different people and experiences from her journey thus far.

Ulemj’s work is closely connected to the themes of belonging, acceptance, and communication. Through her work, she expresses her feelings, and strives to connect and evoke a response in the imagination of the viewer. This goes beyond what is happening at the surface (real or imagined).

In her work, Ulemj uses traditional materials such as, oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, ink, spray paints and a dash of collage. She experiments to see what surprising final effect can be achieved. She does not plan her mark making, she lets the paint and marks dictate her next steps.

A Japanese concept of wabi-sabi deeply resonates with her as it is about the transient nature of life and its imperfections.  Her desire is to inspire people to look more carefully at the world around them, and to discover beauty in imperfection.

Ulemj offers a variety of workshops:
* Developing Faces Portraiture Workshop
* Designing & Making Kokeshi Dolls
* Kabuki Mask Making and Painting Workshop
* Wearable Art: Brooch Making
* Omiyage – The Japanese Art of Gift Giving

Contact Ulemj for more information.

Ulemj Glamuzina

Phone:  0211683477
: glamuzinart@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ULEMJ.ART/
Website: http://www.ulemjart.com/

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