Yin Yang Hatha Yoga with Christina Lutz

Your yoga journey is meant to create space for you to reclaim balance and connectedness.
I invite you to take time for yourself, tune in, slow down, feel your body and tap into your heart space. Only if we root down and open our hearts, we can truly connect, and when we are connected, we create balance in the body which is the foundation for balance in life.

This hatha practice will bring together yin and yang, allowing you to spend a little extra time slowing down to tune in and reconnect to yourself, listen to your body and obtain greater acceptance for who you are and where you are at. The focus is on creating balance between stability and mobility, movement and stillness, effort and ease.
In each session, we will explore and connect with our physical bodies through the practice of asanas, deepen our connection and open our hearts through pranayama and meditation.

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