Beginner Create a Blog Workshops

A guide through the entire process

You’ve been busy writing and you’ve got something to say, or stories to share. But where do you start and how do you setup a blogging website?

This 1-day workshop will guide you through the entire blogging process – how to create and set up your blog, how to write for web platforms and how to integrate this with your social media accounts. No boredom, no bullshit, just blogs!

Things we will cover:
• Understand what makes a good blog post
How to create and set up your blog
• Writing an “about me” page
• How to format and publish a post
• Ways to integrate photographs and videos
• And best practice for promoting your posts on social media

Workshops are limited to ten participants to ensure maximum time for assistance.
You will need a laptop computer or if using a tablet it will need an auxiliary keyboard.

For full details about upcoming workshops:

Angie Belcher will be responsible for making sure your writing is concise and exciting, the best it can be and also a reflection of who you are.
Angie is known for both her children’s writing and travel writing. She’s had over 200 articles published in both domestic and international magazines, contributed to several coffee table books, wrote the Berlitz Pocket Guide to Fiji and has a wide variety of children’s books published by educational and trade publishers.

Ocean Belcher is the ‘techie” teacher. She’s an award winning blogger and digital content specialist working with brands such as Tourism New Zealand, the New Zealand Alpine Club and TEDx Auckland. With 8 years’ experience in the digital space she’ll have you running a blog in no-time.

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