Bread Making

Begin your bread making adventure today !

Bread making days

I offer classes in my home at Oropi in the weekends or weekdays.  Groups of 4 to 6 .

Get your small group together and contact me to arrange a date.

Basic day could be Chiabatta/ brioche / sourdough. Lunch  included using the bread you make. Wine welcome. Big decks to relax on while the bread is rising For a weekend add 2 more  breads of your choice eg French bread /wholemeal milk and honey bread.

If you have a mixer with a bread hook it saves time and bread making  is made easy.

Cost:  $40, morning tea and lunch provided.

Contact: Barbara Fitzgibbon
Phone:  021 024 819 50  or 543 1343

I am passionate and knowledgeable about bread making.I had a wonderful Swiss tutor and  have made bread for markets  and weddings. I have taught for many years in schools and taught  adult classes at home. Class fees received go to Parkinson Research.

Barbara received a Commendation as an Exceptional Community Based  Educator at the 2019 Adult Learners Awards Evening.

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