Tauranga Gem & Mineral Club

Everything to do with the lapidary hobby

Festival of Adult Learning
Pop in & have a look  Sept 10th 6pm-7.30pm
or any Tuesday

Gem & Minerals Historic Village

You can learn to work stone, take carving lessons, go on field trips and join in on our many other social activities!

The club is home to a mineral museum featuring a comprehensive display of new Zealand and overseas rocks and minerals. The flourescent room that has a display of rocks that glow in the dark, its a source of wonder to all those who see it!
A shop sells work crafted by the members from all kinds of rocks and semi precious stones.Genuine New Zealand greenstone is available including pendants, carvings and clocks.

The Club  has a workshop evening every Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm, monthly field trips looking for rocks and monthly meetings.

Phone:  021 235 5818 or 07 576 7874

Location:  Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga