Cult Cinema Club

Fortnightly screenings

Due to the unpredictable restrictions regarding Covid-19, Cult Cinema Club is taking a break.

Cinema Viewers

Fortnightly screenings of films that are cult in status – local, classic, arthouse or documentary – at the newly renovated Village Cinema.

screening cult, arthouse, indie, local and classic films and documentaries – a little bit of something for all discerning cinematic tastes!

We’re not just about screening the most stellar cult classic films we can find though – there’s so much more to add to the mix! Think street food, think music, think pop-up bar, think old-skool candy, think weekends are sorted!

Located at The Village Cinema, The Historic Village, 17th Avenue, Tauranga, we’re a licensed +18 venue screening cult status films for mature audiences, so find yourself a babysitter, get your crew together, or organise that date night you’ve been talking about for ages, and have yourself a great night out!

Events open at 5:30pm with alfresco food and music.  Film screens/doors close inside the Village Cinema at 7:30pm.

Venue: Historic Village Cinema, 17th Ave, Tauranga
Membership: $35 a year

Movie Makers

Are you an independent film maker with a short film you’ve directed between 3 – 10 minutes long, just waiting to be unleashed upon a receptive cinematic audience?! Great, we’d love to hear from you! Supporting creative film making talent is a big deal to us, and we’re always on the look out for independent short films to screen before our feature films at all our events.
For further information contact us at: