Drawing Level II with Nick Eggleston

New techniques – more advanced skills

Drawing Level II for those that have been lucky enough to attend one of Nicks beginners classes in the past.   Nick will show you new techniques and help you to achieve a more advanced skill level.   You will be able to produce a more professional standard with outstanding results that will give you greater confidence in your art work.

Be a part of a fun workshop that focuses on improving your skills and meet other creative’s who are working on the same level;  to share ideas and inspiration. Exploring the techniques and skills needed to take your drawings that one step further with Nick Eggleston, one of our awesome resident tutors!

More Information and Booking:
The Artery – Art Learning Space  https://www.theincubator.co.nz/the-artery
Phone 07 571 3232
Email info@theincubator.co.nz

Tutor: Nick Eggleston
Nick graduated from Chesterfield College of Art and Design and is a member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen.  His patience as a tutor is renowned and he is world famous for his amazing water colours of  English Bull Terriers.   He’s a master craftsman of clay, water colour, occasionally wood carving and recently the art of bespoke shoe making.