Food Lovers Masterclass

with Kate Meads


Why does food waste matter?

Wasting food and drink is a huge waste of money! It is also an un-neccesary waste of energy and natural resources. Think
of the production, storage, preparation, packaging and transportation of the food that just got dumped in the bin.

It appears that we are mindlessly spending at the supermarket and not thinking about what we will actually eat. Often we head into the supermarket these days with our headphones on and mindlessly buy food. We have no plan or don’t even know what we are going to eat for the week.

Going to the supermarket is a weekly ritual for many homes. Yet we probably have enough food at home already to cook for a week and just need a couple of fresh

things to add to it. But instead we buy a whole weeks worth of groceries and take it home and add it to the pile that is already in the fridge and pantry.

Often we buy products on special and bulk buy fresh produce on multi deals. Take them home, put them in the fridge and forget about what is in there.

Think of the last time you purchased brocolli. You possibly went in, got a deal for three. You only needed one, yet you got three because they were on special. If you were intending to eat three, you got
a great deal. Perhaps you take it home and freeze what you won’t eat in the near future.

But if you don’t need three you probably took them home, ate one that night, put the others in the fridge and forgot they were there. A week later you find the slightly sad looking brocolli and eat it because even though it is a bit soft it is still edible.

Then you go back to the supermarket, buy another one and take it home because it was on special, forgetting the one you still have and eventually find the third brocolli hiding in the back all yellow and nasty and you throw it away.

Did you save money buying in bulk in this situation….no! You wasted a third of the food and your hard earned money too

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