Glass Art Workshops

Glass Cutting, Glass Fusing & Stained Glass

Stained glass is the age old craft of cutting glass into shapes and then joining them to make windows, lampshades, mirrors and much more. In this class we teach you the copper foil or Tiffany method.  You need to have glass cutting skills before you can enrol onto the stained glass class, so if you are not already proficient at glass cutting, you will need to complete our glass cutting workshop first.

Glass fusing is the process of melting glass in a kiln to make jewellery, plates, pictures, garden art and more.  A lot of fun and very addictive!  In the class you learn all about the processes and techniques and get to make a thing or two, which we will fire in the kiln for you.  We do casual kiln firing for your future projects if you want to carry on at home. You don’t have to have glass cutting skills for this workshop but if you do, it does mean that you can make much more interesting projects.

We run a glass cutting class on a Friday evening and then a stained glass class all day Saturday the following day, once a month. This gives you a chance to put your new glass cutting skills to immediate use and helps to lock in what you have learnt.

We also run a fused glass class on a Saturday morning once a month.  This is for approx 3 hours and gives you a great start to the world of glass fusing.

We are happy to run classes at other times for private groups by arrangement.

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Our classes and workshops are run on a friendly and informal basis where you will learn the practical skills to complete a project and have fun doing it!

You definitely do not need to feel you are artistic, or have previous experience, to be able to produce great results.  With lots of patterns, inspiration and advice to get you started, you will be surprised to discover just how creative you can be.

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