“Greenwood in Spring” Weekend Encampment

Learn techniques & ways to use unseasoned wood

It is intended to be an ‘olde worlde’ experience, doing things how they used to be done.

Experienced craftsman and tutor Richard Lees will share his greenwood techniques. There is something wonderfully elemental and starkly simple in using unseasoned wood which will be fresh off the tree at the encampment venue. The tutor will also bring some pear wood.

A pole lathe will be used.  A pole lathe is a wood-turning lathe using a long pole as a return spring for a foot treadle. Stools, chairs, ladles, scoops, wooden bowls and besoms (old fashioned brooms) can be created using a pole lathe.

Organiser, Andria Goodliffe, says the workshop is a chance for people to reconnect with their ancestry.  It’s a slow living, simple living encampnent. Slow living is like a moving meditation.  It gives you time to enjoy what you are doing. Attendees will socialize and chitchat in a rural camping environment and enjoy a nice slow living feast cooked over an open fire.

Contact Andrea for info regarding future encampments.

Contact:  Andrea Goodliffe  Phone 021 0225 5898


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