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Every artist was first an amateur. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Private Tuition

By arrangement and subject to availability

One-on-one tutoring in your home – tutoring in face and body construction, and for those interested in pursuing illustrating, concept art, 3-D animation or game development in their tertiary education later, lessons can be tailored to introduce the student to techniques, theories and principles in animation, digital illustrating, and special effects as well as colour use and lighting/shading, conveying emotions and movement, etc.

Students will be taught how to use Photoshop.

Mediums used include both paper/pencil/pens and computer software/tablets.

No set number of sessions – length of course and subjects covered can be arranged to suit individual needs.

I have experience in and enjoying teaching students with A-typical learning styles and ones who are on the Autism spectrum.

40 Minute Lesson:  $49

60 Minute Lesson:  $75

90 Minute Lesson:  $99

 **SPECIAL OFFER**  One hour consultation/intro lesson to meet, discuss your needs and trial my tutoring services before arranging set lessons.  Only $59

 Please email to arrange a time or ask any questions:

Inklings Art & Anime Classes

Mr Kris Coburn
Phone: 0220395048