Powertex Creations

Turning Fabric into Art

Powertex is a versatile, environmentally friendly, weather resistant, water based, acid free, liquid textile hardener that is suitable for use with any porous material such as paper, fabric, cardboard, concrete, ceramic, air drying clay, wood, glass, dried flowers etc.

It works most effectively with 100% cotton.

If you like to recycle then you will love POWERTEX.  Combine all your bits and pieces with a dab of creativity and mix well to create a beautiful sculpture or ornament that decorates your home or garden.

Powertex is not limited to making sculptures or statues. It is a very versatile product that even allows the preservation of memorable treasures such as your baby’s first shoes/feet or hand impressions or first clothes.

Make your own jewellery, create your own 3D structures on canvas for impressionable wall art, for unique home décor’ inside or outside. Perfect for mixed media art. The ideas are limitless!

Tutor: Donna Rusling

Phone: 027 486 0470


Check out some of the beautiful creations at www.pinterest.com.