Remaker Sustainability Hub

ReThink, ReValue, ReMake & RePurpose

We are in Red Square
27 Spring Street Tauranga 

Remaker is a social enterprise based in Tauranga New Zealand that seeks to redesign our relationship with resources to create a sustainable community.

We believe that some of the biggest challenges in the modern lifestyle can be addressed through developing more sustainable ways of working, making and living. Sustainability is vital for our community’s mental health and well-being as well as our environment.

We are cultivating an intergenerational gathering space, inspiring and encouraging people to ReThink, ReValue, ReMake and RePurpose waste.

What is a ReMaker? Someone who gives new life to resources previously seen as waste.

Check out our weekly workshop offerings to learn creative ways to change wastefulness into resourcefulness and revalue products already in your life.

What is the Sustainability Hub?

We are redesigning our relationship with resources to create a sustainable community.

Remaker wants to make sustainable living as accessible, practical and interactive as possible by providing

– an interactive community hub
– creating innovative & practical interactive educational opportunities
– offering intentional sustainable business incubation
– a sustainability store stocked with products exclusively made in Aotearoa or by Remakers on site

Phone: 027 222 9403

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