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Become a competent and confident Xero Payroll user in just 4 weeks right from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Certificate in Xero Payroll is a must do courses for those who are running their own business or looking for a job in the Office (Administration), Finance, Bookkeeping and Accounting positions.

This Certificate course consists of 4 different Payroll-related legislations and Xero Payroll Software modules and it is designed to teach you step-by-step how to setup your accounts in Xero Payroll software package and process huge Payroll transactions, in the real business settings; using real business and Payroll transactions.

Certificate in Xero Payroll will have the following 4 modules:

Module 1 – Payroll-related legislations and procedures for Absolute Beginners

Module 2 – The complete, step-by-step and practical Xero Payroll setup (Xero Payroll Beginner Level)

Module 3 – Manage day-to-day Payroll transactions in Xero for a GST registered business such as: Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company and Non-Profit Organisations (Xero Payroll Intermediate Level)

Module 4– Manage advanced Payroll transactions and prepare end of month, quarter and year’s Payroll reports as well as, Payday filing, PAYE return, understanding all Payroll-related legislations and end of year Payroll process and procedure using Xero Payroll’s advanced functions (Xero Payroll Advance Level)

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Certificate in Xero Payroll course walks you through the entire Payroll-related legislations as well as Xero Payroll setup processes and procedures and hence you will learn Xero Payroll Software package from scratch in a very easy-to-follow, integrated and practical manner. You will gain real and practical Xero Payroll skills as well as knowledge of Payroll-related legislations in a step-by-step yet, very comprehensive and practical manner.

The Certificate in Xero Payroll course suits all skill levels and therefore no previous knowledge of Payroll or Xero is required as it cover Payroll-related legislations and Xero Payroll Software from scratch in a progressive and practical manner, meaning using real Payroll transactions and starting from Basic Payroll-related processes and Xero Payroll and then goes to Intermediate and finally to Advanced level.

Based on our research and real clients’ feedback as well as tones of 100% authentic and verifiable testimonials, this is the first  Xero Payroll certificate course that integrate practical learning of Payroll-related legislations and Xero Payroll software skills to give you all the necessary knowledge and skills required to be successful in managing real Payroll transactions in your business or at your workplace if you are working for an employer.

Whether you are an accomplished Payroll Administrator or have never been exposed to Xero Payroll or Payroll-related tasks before, Certificates in: Xero Payroll Online course can give you real and practical skills to competently and confidently use Xero Payroll Software in the real workplace situations and tackle any Payroll-related issues which your workplace throws at you.

Also, with tones of 5-Stars reviews and recommendations as well as over 2500 happy and satisfied learners from across New Zealand, you can now enrol in this ‘MUST DO’ Certificate course with total pride and 100% confidence.

I strongly believe you deserve to get quality, step-by-step, and practical education for your hard-earned money and your precious time you invest in your education so that you can confidently depend on your new knowledge and skills to find a high-paid job if you are looking for one, to excel in your existing career if you are already employed or to manage Payroll functions for your business if you own a business.

Education has completely changed my life and I have gone from a person with no educational background whatsoever to a qualified Accountant, MYOB Xero and Payroll Certified Advisor, an author, a course creator as well as a lead educator and education provider. In addition, in past 8 years, my online courses have been making positive impact on the lives of over 2500 learners across New Zealand and around the World and I am still counting.

Trust me, investment in your education, personal and professional development is the only form of investment which can provides you with an immediate return now and many more years to come in the future.

There is no doubt that quality education is priceless and can set you up for success forever. I am a true-living example of how education has changed my life forever.

Certificate in Xero Payroll Online Course

Become a confident Xero Payroll user in just 4 weeks from the comfort of your own home!

The Certificate in Xero Payroll Course Covers the Following 4 modules:

  • Payroll-related legislation and procedures for absolute beginners
  • Xero Payroll setup (basic Level)
  • Xero Payroll day-to-day transactions (Intermediate Level)
  • Xero Payroll Advanced Features (Advance Level)

The Certificate in Xero Payroll covers both Xero Software and Accounting topics in the same course for the same price. So, it is great value for your time and money investment.

Xero Payroll Topics covered in this course are:

  • Setup a new payroll account in Xero from scratch
  • Save your payroll account details
  • Create employee and enter employee details
  • Setup taxable and non-taxable allowances
  • Setup pre-tax and post-tax deductions
  • Setup employee leave and track leave balance
  • Setup employee kiwi Saver account
  • Setup holiday pay for casual employee
  • Enter employee pay history
  • Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay
  • Setup employee bank account for electronic payment
  • Setup employee payslip for printing and email
  • Prepare an unscheduled pay for a one-off payment
  • Correct payroll mistakes
  • Edit and delete past pay runs
  • Reverse pay
  • Edit and delete employee
  • Setup casual and fixed term employees
  • Manage sick leave and annual leave
  • Manage employee termination
  • Prepare monthly PAYE return for IRD
  • File monthly PAYE return to the IRD
  • Setup payroll password
  • Change PAYE period
  • Password protect employee payslip
  • Invite employee to electronic timesheet
  • Create electronic bank file for batch payment
  • Manage employee leave request

Payroll-related legislations topics covered in this course are:

Understand employment contract requirements

Know different types of employment contracts

What are the current minimum wage rates?

What are the individual ESCT rates?

What is pre-tax deduction?

What is taxable allowance?

What are compulsory clauses?

What tax code should be used for an employee’s secondary income?

What is the difference between annual leave and holiday pay?

What leave an employee is entitled to?

What are individual income tax rates?

What are Kiwi Saver requirements?

What is post-tax deduction?

What is non-taxable allowance?

What are optional clauses?

What is the concept of “good faith” and how it is used in court cases?

How the course is taught?

Unlike other training providers, I don’t believe in teaching in isolation, use of random and unrelated examples and more importantly, I don’t make unnecessary and dangerous assumptions about my learners. Instead I endeavour to deliver my teaching in a holistic, integrated, interactive and enjoyable manner. The course uses real business data from the very beginning right through to the end so that you learn the entire Payroll process and Xero Payroll Software through clear and real business examples and follow the model answer for all exercises covered in this course.

What should you enrol in this course?

  • You become a Xero user in Just 4 weeks right from the comfort of your own home.
  • You learn from a qualified, experienced Accountant and MYOB, Xero & Payroll Certified Trainer who has over 8 years of solid Accounting and teaching experience in in New Zealand.
  • Xero & Payroll skills are highly-sought-after skills and in high demand.
  • Xero is used by over 2 million businesses and its user-base is growing every hour.
  • You learn both Xero & Accounting in the same course for the same price.
  • You increase your employment chance by up to 60%.
  • You can get job with higher pay.
  • You don’t need to have any previous accounting or Xero knowledge to enrol in this course.
  • You will get enrol at a community rate with 57% discount and a small weekly payment plan-so it is incredibly affordable
  • The course suits all skill levels.
  • Best of all, comes with free ongoing one-to-one support, so, you are never alone in your learning journey. I will with you every step of the way and until you successfully complete your course and gain your certificate
  • You receive a completion certificate at the end of this course.

Mode of delivery

100% Online with FREE ongoing one-to-one support

Class duration

40 hours in total, it includes learning and practice time

Class day and time

24 hours and 7 days a week for 12 months

Course fee at a community rate with 57% discount

$294 including GST paid over 6 weeks, $49 per week

Class resources

12 Months access to 1 E-book –Xero Payroll Step-By-Step Training Guide. Learner can access in PDF format online 24/7 for a full period of 12 months.

12 Months access to 8 hours of step-by-step video tutorial in HD quality 24/7 for a full period of 12 months.

12 months access to course hand-outs/exercise files and any additional training or resources added

12 months one-to-one email and phone and live conference meeting support from tutor as and when needed.

Contact details

Abdullah Hussaini – B.M.S

Qualified Accountant, MYOB, Xero and Xero Payroll Certified Advisor

Phone: 0210 222 3925

Website: www.ahaccounting.co.nz/xero-payroll-course/

Email: ahaccountingnz@yahoo.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ahaccounting

When can you start your class?

You can start your class at any time and as soon as you enrol.

About Teacher


To provide innovative, creative, simple and practical training courses in Accounting, MYOB, XERO & Payroll


To make education affordable and accessible to as many people as I can


I am a professional, qualified and experienced Accountant and MYOB, XERO and Payroll Certified Advisor with over 8 years of teaching experience.

I have been studying and working in the accounting field since 2004 and have been teaching accounting, MYOB, XERO and Payroll since 2012.

I have successfully trained well over 2500 in New Zealand and over 1000 students in 38 other countries outside New Zealand.

I have completed both my secondary and Tertiary education in Hamilton New Zealand and I have a Business Management Studies degree with accounting major from the University of Waikato and various Certificates in computing and accounting software from Wintec and other education providers.

I have been working in various profit and non-profit organisations in New Zealand as well as running my own small Accounting and Training Practice.

I am the author of 6 Accounting, MYOB, Xero and Payroll books

I strongly believe in education and achievement of empowerment through continuous education.

As a professional Accountant and accounting software Teacher, I am constantly on the look for new ideas, technologies and enhanced teaching methodologies to improve my services and to increase my own knowledge and ultimately to share my knowledge with my business clients and learners.

I am passionate about non-profit organisation and community work and hence devoting myself to provide quality education to community leaders and the wider communities. I am currently a treasurer and advisor for four charitable organisations and Finance Administrator in the fifth one.

I mainly provide business consultancy, accounting and accounting software training to small businesses, charitable organisations and individuals who are looking to upgrade their accounting and business skills to find job or set up their own business.

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