Viva Voce Singing Studio

… reaching for the stars…

‘Viva Voce’ is an Italian term, translates as ‘living voice’ and this is the interest and passion which now gives me focus in life, to foster and develop singers in ‘reaching for the stars’.

I present the opportunity of a package deal really –

  • Singing Lessons – Generally comprises of one singing lesson per week.
  • Performance Skill Training – Includes training in effective song delivery and use of microphone in a practical concert environment.
  • Recording Facilities – Includes recording and mastering those ‘special’ or ‘favourite’ songs.

If this sounds like you, then I invite you to read on and explore my website or contact me.

Maybe I can be of service to you….

Contact Andrew Braid on…

Phone 07 544 4683
Cell 021 513 007



About Andrew Braid & Viva Voce

Music and Singing was very much a sideline during my working life as I kept this for my own personal pleasure.

I played my first role in a musical aged 12 and literally ‘caught the bug’! Over the years I have played many principal roles in Wellington, Whangarei and in South Taranaki and when I wasn’t on the stage, I could be seen in the orchestral pit musical directing. I have performed as a recitalist on National Radio and was part of the Music ‘Broadcast to Schools’ team in the late ‘60s. I was too, Vocal Coach and Choral Director to the Patea Maori Club for 16 years and toured with the group as Musical Director of “Poi E – The Musical”.

I gave up performing in public, retired to the Bay of Plenty of recent years and established my singing studio here. I now see my role as mentor and vocal coach to singers who have a real passion and desire to sing and perform to their very best abilities. I believe my professional teaching experience and my knowledge and understanding of the learning/teaching process, stands me in good stead when working with all the many different ‘voices’ who walk through my door each week.

Currently I work with a range of students from professional voices – very promising up-and-coming voices – and raw beginners. My days are indeed blessed with variation and interest, working in what most people, when asked, will reply they can’t do . . . . . . .Sing!


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